March 22, 2022


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Dear lovers, guardians and keepers of the water,

We invite you to participate in the conference organized on the occasion of World Water Day with the theme GROUNDWATER „FROM SOURCE TO CONSUMERS: CHALLENGES, SOLUTIONS AND PERSPECTIVES”. The event will take place online on Tuesday, March 22, according to the conference agenda. The registration is done by filling in the registration form (FREE Registration), until March 21, 2022.

We start from the evidence that the groundwater is invisible and that under our feet there is a hidden treasure that enriches our life, but it is not seen, it is threatened, but it does not manifest. Only the impact is the visible one, insufficiently impressive for the „public” of the Earth. For now. It seems that the public has not yet found out the truth, proven long ago, or has found out and does not take it very seriously.  The truth sounds like this:
– Almost all liquid fresh water in the world is groundwater.
– As climate change worsens, groundwater will become increasingly critical.
– A general mobilization is needed to sustainably manage this precious resource.
– Groundwater can be out of sight, but never out of mind.

What is groundwater?
It is the water that is found underground, in aquifers, in geological formations of rocks, sands and gravels that can retain water.
In many parts of the world, groundwater is overused, extracting more water from the aquifers than is later recharged by rain or snow.
Groundwater pollution is a special, important, serious problem, as the recovery of a compromised environment can take decades or even centuries.
Then there are other places on the planet where we do not know how much groundwater we „tread” under our feet, which means that we fail to capitalize on a water resource, which is definitely vital.
Certainly, the exploration, protection and sustainable use of groundwater will be essential for survival and adaptation to climate change, but also for meeting the needs of a growing population.

This mission must be unifying!
With this in mind, the organizers, the Romanian Water Association and the Aquademica Foundation, invite you, on March 22, the World Water Day, to bring it to light.

                                   Asociatia Română a Apei                             

We focus participants’ attention on the importance of water, on topics inspired by the theme chosen by the UN for World Water Day 2022 – Groundwater – Making invisible visible. We address experts in the water industry and public services, academia, the general public, those interested in stimulating interest and responsibility for the consumption and preservation of this resource.

Details in Romanian about this event can be downloaded here.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us:
Cristina Borca,

Conference Agenda

(Romanian time/UTC+3/EEST)




9.30 – 9.45

Ilie Vlaicu,

President of the Romanian Water Association (RWA)

László Borbély,

Coordinator of the Department for Sustainable Development of the Romanian Government

Robert-Eugen Szép,

Secretary of State, Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests




Session 1
The Romanian Experience

Chairman – Epsica Chiru, Executive Director of the RWA

9.45 – 10.10

Robert-Eugen Szép,
Secretary of State, Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests

„Groundwater is a vital resource for people and the environment”

10.10 – 10.30

Ion Bica,
Chairman of the Technical-Scientific Council of RWA

„Groundwater – Current Challenges”

10.30 – 10.50

Aurel Presură,
General Director of RAJA S.A.,
Angela Pană,
Quality Director, Environment RAJA S.A.

„The experience of RAJA S.A. in the exploitation of underground aquifers in Constanța County”

10.50 – 11.10

Adriana Zaman,
Treatment technology specialist, Buzau Water Company

„Rational and efficient use of groundwater resources. Climate change resilience”

11.10 – 11.30

Ovidiu Gheorghe Pani,
Municipal Application Sales Manager, Western Region GRUNDFOS Pumps Romania

„Submersible pumps for underground performance”

11.30 – 11.45


Session 2:
International experiences
Chairman – Monica Isacu, Aquademica Foundation

11.45 – 12.05

Randall J. Cooper,
President, Envirologics Engineering Inc. (Ontario company), Canada
”Watermain Renewal with CELP (Clean, Evaluate, Line, Protect)”

12.05 – 12.25

Matias Amor,

Managing Director EMEA, Canada
”Fibraplate, the latest development in MBR Membranes”

12.25 – 12.45

Amitesh Malhotra
Applications Engineer, PhD, EIT

”Reagentless Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring”

12.45 – 13.05

Sherry Nguyen,

Business Development Lead A.U.G. Signals Ltd., Canada
”Build a cloud-based digital platform to safeguard groundwater resources and drinking water supplies”

13.05 – 13.25

Frank Smits,
and Ph.D. Student TU Delft
”Dune filtration and aquifer management for drinking water supply in the Amsterdam region”

13.25 – 13.45

Peter Köstner,
Head of the Munich Wastewater Department

”Groundwater infiltration into sewers”

13.45 – 14.05

Zsófia Kassai,
Head of Budapest North Wastewater Treatment Plant

”Management of rainwater that reaches the sewer system”

14.05 – 14.30

Q&A, Conclusions