8 April 2022

Aqua Digital On-line Conference 2022

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Dear Water Community Members,

Digital transformation is nowadays on the agenda of almost every organization, either state-owned or private company.  As we know, digital solutions have been constantly sought and implemented in every line of business. Although the concept is widely accepted, there is no formal consensus yet on how this process should be defined. The certain thing is that digitalization is beneficial for both service providers and their customers, making things better on each side, given that QUALITY time is presently probably the most valuable asset and the comfort of making fast, online payments or other operations have become a NECESSITY.

For some organizations, their commitment to digital transformation means providing a new digital experience for their customers, while others are focused on enhancing their digital skills or allowing for innovation to improve their business development prospects. Nevertheless, they will all keep on making investments to adapt their infrastructure and operations, because the future sounds… DIGITAL.

In the existing global context and with the occasion of Digitalization Day, celebrated all over the world, the Aquademica Foundation organizes, on Friday, April 8, 2022, from 11 to 15, the Aqua Digital 2022 online conference.

We would be honored to have you as a participant at our event, contributing with presentations of digital models, applied by your organization, or engaging in the interactive exchange of ideas and best practices.

For more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Crenguța Radosav

Conference Agenda (Romanian time/UTC+3/EEST) 

Friday April 8, 2022

10,00 – 10,30

Peter Koestner/ Munchen Municipality

German experience in digitalization, Munich study case

10,30 – 11,00

Adrian Cococeanu/ Aquatim, Timisoara

The stage of digitalization in Aquatim

11,00 -11,30

Fernando Ruiz/ Hidroconta, Spain

Presentation of metering digitalization solutions

11,30 – 12,00

Katerina Apostolopoulou/ Athens Water and Sewerage Company (EYDAP)

The urgent need for a participatory water forum, which response to the city’s and its citizen’s needs, in a big European capital

12,00 – 12,30

Daniel Daia/ Infinityplus/ IT Vizion

Digital Transformation and near Real Time Decision Support Systems

12,30 – 13,00



13,00 – 13,30

Joan Carles Guardiola/ Idrica, Spain

How can water utilities benefit from digital transformation:
Global Omnium case study

13,30 – 14,00

Marius Coman/ Vodafone Romania

NB-IoT transmissions

14,00 – 14,30

Dan Barb/ Siemens Romania

Presentation of digitization projects implemented at the Vienna
(Water Company)

14,30 – 15,00

Giro Iuliano / Seeq Corporation

Enabling Advanced Analytics for Water Industry

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