7th - 8th of October 2020

Circular Aqua Conference 2020

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On-line conference
Circular Aqua Conference 2020 is organised for the water sector by Aquademica Foundation with support from different teams of  European Projects (INTERREG, HORIZON 2020 etc). The event has high relevance for the Regional Development Agency WEST and municipalities in Western Romania, as well as for other policy makers.

During 2 days, on 7th and 8th of October 2020, in unconventional circumstances forced by the health crisis, a regional group of Romanian organizations will create  virtually the best environment for debates on new innovative technologies, regional policies,barriers, new business models to follow in next years.

The conference is going to be an innovative mixture of presentations, circular water project presentations, debates with the aim of creating business opportunities in regional market and build strong partnerships among regional water operators, decision makers and technicians from regional utilities,local industry and agriculture,local start-ups, regional universities and R&D centers, technology providers, local and central administrations.
The Circular Aqua Conference is intended to promote the innovative solutions  for all interested stakeholders in Western Romania but also from neighbouring regions of Hungary and Serbia.

The main objective of the conference is to organize the frame for matching demand and supply in the circular water, with aim to improve the competitiveness of local stakeholders withing the regional water market.

The on-line conference will assist the city host Timisoara, to lead some of their activities towards  implementation of the Urban Water Agenda 2030 .All participants will have the opportunity to debate the latest news on Circular Economy New Action Plan for a Cleaner and more Competitive Europe.
The innovative concept of circular economy and relations with the implementation of the National Strategy of Sustainable Goals for Romania by 2030 will attract specialists, students, engineers and managers, NGOs and public officers, future water leaders, able to design and implement innovative solutions with aim to have a holistic  view on the future sustainable developments , cross-sectorial approach and willingness to do it, no matter what barriers will occur on their way.

Conference agenda: Link to be added.


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