4 - 6 October 2023

Aqua Circular

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Dear colleagues,  partners and collaborators,

We are honored to invite you to participate in the Aqua Circular Conference, an event that will take place in Timișoara, between October 4 and 6, 2023.

Now in its fourth edition, the event is organized by Aquademica Foundation in partnership with the Romanian Water Association, Aquatim, Politehnica University of Timișoara, Business Development Group, Aquatica Experience, Patronal Association of Water, Water Europe, AquaSpice, Watershare and Rotary International District – Romania and Republic of Moldova.

Also, this event is financially supported by companies that have provided not only financial support, but also positive energy and continuous encouragement throughout the organization. The sponsors of Aqua Circular – Steinzeug Keramo, Klarwin, Jafar, Datcomp, Beespeed, Pipelife and Grundfos – will share the vision of the companies providing new technologies for a more sustainable future in the management of water resources.

The conference sessions and panels will be held at the Conference Center of the Polytechnic University according to the following schedule:

Wednesday, October 4: 09, 00 – 10, 00: Registration
Conference Center of the Polytechnic University of Timisoara, Vasile Pârvan Street,  nr. 2b

Wednesday, October 4
Auditorium Hall – Launch session: „Water on the move on the road to the circular economy”
Moderators: Daniela Marișcu, Robert Șerban

10,00 – 12,00

Ilie Vlaicu

President of the Romanian Water Association, director – Aquatim SA

„Initiating paradigm shift in water resources management”

Florin Drăgan

Politehnica University of Timișoara

„Circular Economy in the Water Sector – partnership between Politehnica University of Timișoara and water operators in the West region”

Ivan Bogdan-Gruia

Minister of Research and Innovation
 and digitalisation

„The role of research and innovation in the circular economy in the water sector”.

Mihai-Călin Precup

Secretary of State,
Chancellery of the Prime Minister

„Alternative financing for water companies.”

Simina Lakatos

Executive Director Institute for Research in Circular Economy and Environment „Ernest Lupan”

„Strategic directions in the circular water and wastewater economy. Strategy and National Action Plan for Circular Economy 2030”

Laszlo Borbely

State Councilor, Sustainable Development Department Coordinator

Online intervention:
„National Circular Economy Strategy”


13,00 – 15,00

Cristina Borca


„Water Alliance – from vision to action”

Gideon Oron

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

„Current challenges in the field of circular economy in Israel”

Andrea Rubini

Director of Operations at Water Europe – Water Europe

„Water-Smart Society: challenges, pressures and opportunities for circular economy in Europe’s water sector”

Sorin Maxim

Director General of West Regional Development Agency

„Funding research through the West Regional Program”


Visit to the Water Museum in Timisoara (prior registration at the registration office)


Thursday, October 5: 10,00 – 12,00
Panel 1 – Sala Auditorium

„Nexus Axis Water-Energy – Agriculture”
Moderator: Aurelian Danu

Simina Lakatos

Executive Director – Institute for Research in Circular Economy and Environment Ernest Lupan

„The role of water in supporting the development of living laboratories and lighthouse projects for healthy soils”

Csaba Bauer

Head of Wastewater Treatment Plant, Aquaserv SA, Targu Mures

„Anaerobic co-fermentation of organic waste with municipal sludge – solution to achieve energy neutrality of wastewater treatment plants”

Lupașcu Emanuel Mircea

Constructim SA

„Design and execution of sludge dryer installation and energy recovery.”

Vitan Liviu-Dănuț

Beespeed Group of Companies – Datcomp

„Management of water treatment processes according to the production of electricity from renewable sources”

Aurelian Danu

Sustainable Development Expert, Water Romanian Association Advisor

„Water Footprint and Nexus Axis: Conceptual Approaches and Interconnections for Sustainability”

Lucian Pavel

Head of Environment Department – Klarwin

„Liquid assets: membrane technology used to improve the sustainability of water resources”


Thursday, October 5: 10,00-12,00
Panel 2 – Sala K1

Research and innovation projects in Europe: „AquaSPICE project”
Moderator: Andreea Rubini

Cristina Borca


Opening and introduction of Panel 2

Andrea Rubini

Director of Operations at Water Europe – Water Europe

„Navigating towards a sustainable, pioneering horizon towards climate neutrality, circular economy and competitiveness in the European process industry for a prosperous and smart society, for water.”

Nicoleta Frunză

Agricola International Bacău

Case study „Water reuse in the food industry”.

Ciprian Nanu

Business Development Group

„Stakeholder involvement in circular water economy projects”

Serhat Arca

Türkiye Petrol Rafinerileri A.Ș.

Case study „Water Reuse in the Oil Industry”

Debate on the topics presented


Thursday, October 5: 10,00-12,00
Panel 3 – Sala K2

Water resources in Health and Relaxation: A circular approach for the common good
Moderator: Daniela Mariscu

Daniela Marișcu

Aquatica Experience & Water Patronal Association

„Opening and introduction of Panel 3”

Daniela Marișcu, Cătălin Chițu (Lumbara),
Delia Tătaru (Aquatica Experience)

„Case Study in the Wellbeing Industry – H2O Philosophy and Impact”

Liviu Mantescu

Watergenics Company

„Revolutionary real-time digital water quality reading systems – H2O tool”

Ovidiu Bunget

Professor West University of Timișoara

Guvernator Rotary District 2241 – România și Republica Moldova

„Involvement of the private sector in solving acute problems of sanitation and lack of water.”

Revuen Azar (Ambassador of Israel in Romania)
Professor Gideon Oron

„The role of water quality for the well-being of the population: good practices in Israel’s water industry”

Daniela Mariscu

Participants in the debate:

Daniela Mariscu, Catalin Chitu, Ovidiu Bunget, Profesor Gideon Oron, Therme Bucuresti

„Technologies of the future and water as the essence of well-being for humanity”


Thursday, October 5: 13,00-15,00
Panel 4 – Sala Auditorium

Public policies in the water sector in the context of the circular economy
Moderator: Aurelian Danu

Ilie Vlaicu

President of the Romanian Water Association

„Climate change – challenges and possible solutions”

Mihai-Călin Precup

Secretary of State, Chancellery of the Prime Minister

„Policies for the circular economy in the water sector”

Simina Lakatos

Director executiv to IRCEM „Ernest Lupan”

„National Circular Economy Action Plan 2030”

Venera Vlad

Director at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

„EBRD contribution to the water sector development policy strategy”

Sorin Caian

Head of Business Advisory, Senior Partner BDO

„Circular economy through the efficiency of the water sector”

Rareș-Ștefan Burlacu

President of the Romanian Agency for Investment and Foreign Trade

„Promoting Romania as a Center of Excellence in the Circular Water Economy”

Mihai Ștefan

Sales Engineer South-Eastern Europe,

„Sustainable development solutions in the water industry”

Anca Bazaiac

Technical Manager, Pipelife

„Rainwater management solutions made with modular tanks”


Thursday, October 5: 13,00-15,00
Panel 5– Sala K1

Research, innovation and professional development perspectives in the water sector
Moderator: Florica Manea

Gideon Oron

Professor – Ben-Gurion University, Negev

„The contribution of international academia to the sustainability of water systems.”

Florica Manea

Professor – Politehnica University of Timișoara

„The role of partnership between academia, industry and business in resource recovery and water circularity

Anca Drăghici

Professor – Politehnica University of Timișoara

„The role of education in applying circular economy principles and measures to prevent water pollution with plastic waste”

Liliana Bobirica

Polytechnic University of Science and Technology Bucharest

„Sustainable technologies for removing emerging compounds from water”

Corina Musteret

Lecturer – Technical University „Gh. Asachi” Iasi

„Addressing circular economy principles in drinking water and wastewater treatment and management”

Adina Horablaga

Professor and General Director – „King Mihai I” University of Life Sciences, Timișoara

„Environmental regulations in the water sector”

Lăzărică Marinescu

Engineer, Aquatim SA

„Aquademica programs. The importance of technical education in Romanian”

Daniel Craia

Engineer, Romanian Water Association

„Professional Development Programs – RWA”


Thursday, October 5: 13,00-15,00
Panel 6 – Sala K2

„Water: the most precious resource in Industrial Symbiosis and Circular Economy”
Moderator: Cristina Borca

Cristina Borca 


„Water: The Path to Sustainable Industrial Efficiency”.

Sorin Bordea (CEO – Datcomp) 
Vladimir Jakimovski (Engineer- Datcomp)

Group of Companies
Datcomp – Beespeed

„Electrocoagulation and recovery of nutrients from industrial water (phosphorus/nitrogen) and new water trends and technologies”

Gabriel – Alin Enasesc

Engineer – Senior Service Sales Development Grundfos

„Control of proportional pressure in water distribution networks”

Sabina Pistol

Water Platform Manager – Klarwin

„Chain effects: Strategic and sustainable planning through hydraulic modeling and integration of innovative technologies for minimally invasive digitization and water loss detection”

Valentin Vlaicu

Engineer, Aquatim SA

„Urban flooding and possible solutions”


Friday, October 6: 10,00-12,00
Panel 7 – Sala Auditorium

Financing in the Water sector in the context of circular economy and sustainability
Moderators: Daniela Marișcu, Robert Șerban

Sorin Caian

Head of Business Advisory, Senior Partner BDO Romania

„Finanțarea sustenabilă a operării și investițiilor pe termen lung.”

Venera Vlad

Director at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

„European Bank for Reconstruction and Development – financing opportunities for the water sector”

Ioana Voinescu

Sustainability Director – Romanian Commercial Bank

„Green finance – risks and opportunities from the perspective of Romanian Commercial Bank”

George Crisia

Engineer, Aquatim SA

„Development of water infrastructure – Large Infrastructure Operational Program”

Mariciuc Adrian

Deputy Director General, Regional Development Agency VEST

„Interconnected circular economy”

Ileana Rău

Director of the Doctoral School of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnologies,
National University of Science and Technology Politehnica of Bucharest

„Water, circular economy and Horizon strategic plan 2025-2027”


Friday, October 6: 13,00 – 14,00
Sala Auditorium
Plans for future actions in the water sector: summaries and conclusions presented by panel moderators

 The Aqua Circular 2023 event is designed to actively contribute to water systems’ sustainability. The diverse topics, including talks, presentations and workshops, will provide an insight into circular economy research and experience in the water sector versus the development and implementation of Nexus strategies. The conference will debate examples of good practices and highlight the importance of institutional partnerships in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. On the third day, the final conclusions will be presented and several guidelines will be established, in order to form functional partnerships for research, innovation and project implementation.

The principles of the circular economy offer the possibility to ”value” water: as a service offered to the population, as a source of energy, as a supplier of nutrients and raw materials, as a source of recreation and health. Thus, Aqua Circular 2023 will bring together specialists from different sectors: water, energy, food, agriculture and ”health & wellness”, to exchange experience and find innovative solutions to current challenges. The event also aims to provide a framework for awareness, communication and collaboration between representatives of several institutions, namely: water operators, universities, public administrations and representatives of the private sector.

It is known that the current water crisis is one of the biggest challenges of our time and the predictions are not at all optimistic. This ”homework” is acutely addressed to urban areas, where more than half of the global population lives for the first time in history. It is already evident that the extreme weather phenomena, the devastating storms, the prolonged drought, but also the massive urban development that we are witnessing, exacerbate the pre-existing water stress and negatively impact the natural water cycle that no longer has the ”power” to recover.

Because your involvement in this matter and your participation are vital, on behalf of Aquademica and the partners of Aqua Circular 2023 Conference: Romanian Water Association, Aquatim SA, Politehnica University of Timișoara, Business Development Group, Aquatica Experience, Patronal Association of Water, Water Europe, AquaSpice, Watershare and Rotary International District for Romania and Republic of Moldova, with friendship and special consideration, we hereby invite you TO BE TOGETHER FOR A SUSTAINABLE WATER FUTURE!

We are waiting for you in Timisoara!

Cristina Borca
Member of the Board of Directors
Aquademica Foundation

Romanian Water Association (ARA)


The Romanian Water Association (ARA) is a professional association. ARA is based on three pillars: entrepreneurs, professionals and suppliers.

Aquatim SA

Partner. Founding member of the Aquademica Foundation

Regional water operator from Timiș County.


Polytechnic University of Timisoara


The Politehnica University of Timisoara is recognized as an outstanding protagonist on the scene of scientific research both nationally and internationally.


Business Development Group


Expertise in marketing dynamics, stimulation of the legal and institutional framework, knowledge transfer and capacity building, research and education.

Aquatica Experience


With both an entrepreneurial vision and professional service to offer, Aquatica Experience focuses on world-class personalized experiences.

Patronal Association of Water


Patronal association of companies that, in carrying out the object of activity, use water and produce a significant effect in relation to water resources.

Water Europe Association


Water Europe is the recognized voice and promoter of water innovation in Europe.




A worldwide network of water research organisations and utilities, dedicated to delivering equitable water solutions for all. Watershare bridges research to practice on pressing water sector issues through global to local collaboration

Rotary International District - România & Rep. Moldova


The priority area of action is "Providing clean water and sanitation systems, promoting hygiene".



AquaSPICE aims to materialize circular water use in European Process Industries, foster resource efficiency awareness and deliver compact solutions for industrial applications.

Münchner Stadtentwässerung

Founding member of the Aquademica Foundation

Public operator of sewerage services in Munich.