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6th - 7th of October 2022

Aqua Circular Conference

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The Aqua Circular Conference is organized by the Aquademica Foundation. The partners of this event are water operators – Aquatim,  Münchner Stadtentwässerung -, academic environment – Politehnica University of Timișoara, Ecological University of Bucharest- and other Research& Innovation organizations – Business Development Group,  WATERSHARE, KWR Water Research Institute, EIT Climate-KIC.


For two days, 6th and 7th of October 2022, the conference will create the best environment for debates on emerging innovative technologies, regional policies, barriers and business models for circular economy in the water sector.  The conference is going to be an innovative mixture of presentations, circular water project presentations and debates, aiming to create strong partnerships among regional water operators, decision-makers and technicians from regional utilities, local industry and agriculture, local start-ups, universities, R&D centers, technology providers, local and central administrations.

The innovative concept of circular economy and its relation with the implementation of the National Strategy of Sustainable Goals for Romania by 2030 will attract specialists, students, engineers and managers, NGOs and public officers, as well as future water leaders, who are able to design and implement innovative solutions, with the aim of having a holistic approach on the future sustainable development, despite any barriers they could encounter.


October 6, 2022, 13:30-15:00 (Bucharest Time – CEST+1)

“Wastewater for smarter societies” – Watershare & Aquademica Webinar


Short description

Wastewater can act as a reusable resource as well as a vector for energy and materials to be extracted, treated, stored and reused. Water Smart Industrial Symbiosis (WSIS), as a form of circular economy, recognizes the key role water/wastewater plays within a dynamic socio-economic and business-oriented industrial ecosystem. The webinar “Wastewater for smarter societies” on 6 October 2022 from 13:30-15:00 (CEST+1) will explain the concept of WSIS and demonstrate, through the description of two case studies, how this approach is being implemented to close the water, energy and materials cycles, aiming to achieve circularity. Cases from Italy and Denmark will specifically demonstrate examples of symbiosis between industry and water utilities for smarter societies, where solutions for the reuse of water, energy and materials are discussed. The session will include a Q&A with participants to enable interaction with the aim of supporting strategic cooperation within circular economy future projects.

Expected objectives or outcomes of the webinar:

  • Share knowledge with Romanian water utilities about industrial symbiosis as a type of CE approach.
  • EU H2020 project partners share tools and outcomes of existing projects.
  • Romanian water utilities are inspired by the content and can see relevant application possibilities in their regions.
  • Further international collaborations in the circular economy come about through outreach and partnership potential.

Ciprian Nanu Business Development Group, Romania
Cristina Borca – Aquademica Foundation

Basics of Circular Economy and Industrial Symbiosis
Gerard van den Berg
KWR Water Research Institute, The Netherlands, Manager Innovation and Valorisation.

Case studies:

Q&A with Speakers and Audience

Conclusions – Ciprian Nanu

October 7, 2022, 10:00-14:00 (Bucharest Time – CEST+1)

”Matching demand and supply in the circular water sector” – Webinar


Short description

Aqua Circular Conference is intended to promote innovative solutions for all interested stakeholders. The main objective of the conference is to organize the framework for matching demand and supply in the circular water sector, aiming to improve local stakeholders’ competitiveness within the regional water market.


Welcome Session
Ilie VlaicuPresident of the Romanian Water Association

Plenary Session
Importance of circular economy in water management
László Borbély – State Counselor, Coordinator of the Department for Sustainable Development.


The results of the research project – Nextgen.  Thermocatalytic treatment of sludge from the Timisoara sewage treatment plant
Mihai Grozăvescu – Head of the International Project Implementation Unit, Aquatim, Romania

11:00-11:30Reduce the amount of sludge at the Timisoara Wastewater Treatment Plant.
Georgios Reizopoulos –
Engineer, Technical Director, Temaco Group, Romania
Adrian Corui – Head of the Timisoara Wastewater Treatment Plant
11:30-12:00Virtual Break
12:00-12:30 SEWA – Sustainable Ecosystem Rain Water Assimilation
Catalin ChituFrontier Connect SARL
12:30-13:00Microplastics in drinking water in the context of the circular economy
Mihaela Vasilescu – Bucharest Ecological University

The role of a cluster in research, development and innovation in the water sector
Cristina Borca – Aquademica Foundation, Romania

13:30-14:00Climate change – threat or opportunity?
Florica Manea –
Politehnica University Timisoara, Romania

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Aquademica Foundation


Vocational training courses, consultancy, partnerships initiation & development, scientific events

Aquatim SA

Partner. Aquademica founding member

Drinking water and waste water services regional operator. Timiș County, Romania

Münchner Stadtentwässerung

Partner. Aquademica founding member

Public wastewater management company of the city of Munich, Germany


Politehnica University of Timișoara


The largest technical university in Western Romania


Business Development Group


Expertise in market entry & development, stimulating legal & institutional framework, knowledge transfer & capacity building, research & education



The NextGen initiative will evaluate and champion innovative and transformational circular economy solutions and systems that challenge embedded thinking and practices around resource use in the water sector. NextGen will demonstrate innovative technological, business and governance solutions for water in the circular economy in ten high-profile, large-scale, demonstration cases across Europe, and we will develop the necessary approaches, tools and partnerships, to transfer and upscale.




KWR generates knowledge to enable the water sector to operate water-wisely in our urbanized society. With a sense of professional and social responsibility for the quality of water, KWR's scientific findings and the resulting practical innovations contribute, worldwide, to a sustainable water provision in the urban water cycle.




A worldwide network of water research organisations and utilities, dedicated to delivering equitable water solutions for all. Watershare bridges research to practice on pressing water sector issues through global to local collaboration


EIT Climate-KIC


The Romanian hub of Europe’s leading climate innovation initiative